Dienstag, 8. April 2014

hey guys//i hate people from back home

hey you guys
sorry for never really posting anything here.
I don't have the time and I don't know what to talk about.
I could go on and whine about how I don't have a boyfriend, but that would be desperate and annoying and childish and stupid.
Being here and having this amazing opportunity just makes me apprechiate a lot of things in life a lot more. Always having a house to live in, having a good education.
Such an experience also makes you realize who your true friends. A lot of people who promised me to keep me up to date haven't even texted me once, and I have been away from home for over 7 months now. So you really know who you are not going to waste any more time on. And then there are my true friends who I love and miss, who send me cute pictures and ask me how I am doing. That have been counting the days from the beginning until I'm back. Messages from back home just make my day. The feeling to be missed and loved is the best feeling in the world.
And then I have this amazing life over here. Finally people that actually have their own lives and don't have the need to try to make your life a living hell. That actually have personalities and aren't up in other people's asses all the time. That don't make fun of every single thing I do because they don't have their own life. I am so happy to be away from all that trouble and stupid ass bitches and assholes. Excuse my language.
I know I am just too fabulous and that they are honestly just jealous, because I actually have an awesome life, they don't. Also because I am smart and the best they will ever do is learn how to go potty alone. It's nice knowing that no one hates me over here, that people appreciate me for what I am, glamorous, a unicorn, and fabulous! It is wonderful not having to deal with all of this annyoing and unnecessary shit. It is nice being quite popular (even though I do have a lot of friends back home, not to brag).
My friends over here are just the best. They always know how to make my day, they are the cutest and funniest people in the world. They support me no matter what and they will always make time for me.
And it is awesome to be able to go to Taco Bell, actually being able to have fun in school.
Playing a sport that is totally new to you. Total strangers being nice to you.
Having Taco Bell. haha.
Going abroad, and leaving home for a year, was by far the best decision I have ever made in my short life. It will probably will be one the best experiences I will ever have. All the things listed above don't even describe everything I love about it.
Words are just not enough. If you really want to know what its like, do it.
Save some money, ask your parents, whatever. Just leave your home for a new adventure. Travel as much as you can. Enjoy Life. Seize the day. etc etc.
But there is of course a sad side. One day you will have to leave, leave all that behind and go back. But going back will also be wonderful. Finally you will be reunited with your family, your best friend, your boyfriend/girlfriend. But it will be different. Not only you have changed, also the life back home did happen without you (hard to believe, i know). You will have missed a lot of partys, events, important news, etc. People will have changed, nothing will be like before. It would be foolish to expect that. But this change is another beautiful thing. Because I guarantee you that it will be a change for the better. You will have a whole other view about a lot of things, do things differently, say different things. Leave people behind that held you back in the past, meet new people. Do new things. Leaving mixed everything up and that is good. Your life became exciting. You got your ass up and left everything behind. Just threw yourself out there. And that was brave, and people will look up to you. And you will never regret it. I guarantee it.

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